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Pattern for a Thneed
Hi All, For Christmas this year, DBF's uncle has requested that I knit him a Thneed? Does anyone know where I can find one? I have been Googling, but haven't found much. TIA Nadia Thneed??? He *must*...
15 years ago 27
Corner to Corner Afghan
Would anyone happen to have the free "corner to corner" pattern that had been linked to ? I was just floating around on there checking things out and there are a few links that bring up the same...
15 years ago 4
sock loopers for weaving
Currently listing auction style a large selection of sock loopers on ebay. Go to see what is available. Shop eBay for great deals from ldkocher!
9 years ago
WANTED: Missoni Yarn
Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get some Missoni yarn? I know it was discontinued a few years ago. That's the problem. Thanks. Try Ebay, I saw 3 there. Dennis
11 years ago 1
Embroidery Designs
Embroidery Supply Embroidery Design US$3.50All Embroidery Design available for immediate downloadAll Embroidery Design Free CONVERT for all embroidery or sew...
12 years ago
Seed Stitch--How to count rows
Good morning! I am new to your groups and pretty new to knitting (4 scarfs, 1 doll blanket and 1 kerchief under my belt so far). I am making a hooded baby blanket from a pattern I found at JoAnn...
13 years ago 3