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Sad news for Gemini..
I just had some sad news last night. I found out from my nephew who lives here in town, that my cousin (who also lives here in town) passed away on Friday night in his sleep. He was only 40 years old. Mark (my nephew) called last night to tell me that Ernie's (the cousin who passed away) sister Liz told him visitation and the funeral will all be held tomorrow afternoon. She said people can send flowers or make a donation to the Brain Tumor foundation. I'd love to make a donation (so many people send flowers that just die anyway), but unfortunately I can't afford to do either. :o(
Ernie had fallen last year and injured his head. He hasn't been the same since... getting dizzy and falling more often. Apparently he has had a couple of more falls within the past couple of weeks and was supposed to see the doctor last Wednesday but couldn't get to his appointment for some reason. Then this happened... at a friend's house.... he fell asleep in a chair, and just never woke up again.
I am so saddened by this. Last year I lost another cousin (here in my own town) who I also hadn't heard about until after the funeral. My nephew and his lady are really pissed about this, and said from now on whenever they hear anything about anyone they will let me know right away.
*hugs* Gemini
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On Tue, 27 Jun 2006 20:56:39 GMT, spinninglilac spun a fine yarn
Cher, Thank you for sharing this from Gemini. Gem, if you're reading us, please know I send ::::hugs::::: Cher, if Gem can't read us, please let her know that her friends here care deeply. Noreen
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Prayers to you and for you and the family, Gemini.....
One Love, Donna in Philly
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Donna in Philly

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