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Ot a bit tired
I owe many of you private thank yous, but i am a bit tire i think the overwhemity of the time of Alarms and rockets falling , and the uncertainty of staying alive , is now sinking in a bit, i walk as...
13 years ago 19
Did you receive my email which included my telephone number??? Hugs, Noreen Thank you , private email on it`s way mirjam
13 years ago 1
Has anyone else totally blown-off their NYCO?
Here it is, almost Sept. and I've totally blown-off my NYCO. Anyone else 'guilty'???? LOL, Hugs, Noreen I refuse to admit that until December 31. While there is life, there is hope. Higs, Katherine On...
13 years ago 11
help: 50 inches
rcty, ... note: I asked this question from the knitting designer herself, but so far no word back ... so, I'll ask here ... As for knitting up afghans, I saw a simple garter stitch pattern, but how do...
13 years ago 9
I have written you offlist, as requested. Noreen Noreen,tried to e-mail you .but it came back,I will let you know something in a couple of days if you don't mind ok,.Stella
13 years ago 1
Definitely selling ONE of my two wheels, so that I can get the Kromski I REALLY 'covet'. Thinking about selling my Artisan knitting machine too. As much as I would love to 'gift' JJ and Katherine with...
13 years ago 4
Slightly scratchy wool: Softeners?
Here comes another dingbat question from a relative newbie to pure wool... I have a pair of woolen socks that I'm about to finish and give as a gift to someone. The wool is just a little bit...
13 years ago 8
I am still here, knitting and crocheting.
Hello friends, I have a pair of sport weight socks to finish for our Grand Daughter and an afghan for our Pastor who is getting married. I hope to then get busy with my knitting sheaths to see if I...
13 years ago 9
OT: Quick Hello
Hi Everyone, I just wanted to pop in and say I'm still around. School started for me today and I've been really busy with prep work and getting the kids into a new routine. My knitting has slowed down...
13 years ago 14
CHEAP Fabric
Does anyone know where to find discounted fabric. I was looking at some Kravets and Robert Allen fabrics and I cannot find anything under $100. If anyone knows of a place to look, i would really...
13 years ago 13
fan of cinema ?
Hye! I have lauched a new cinema website: best reviews you have ever seen. Give me your opinion See ya ! Sponge Bob
13 years ago
here's a funny one for you
Higs, Katherine "Stella Fenley" skrev i melding news:SYXGg.7841$
13 years ago 2
Crochet stitch suggestions
I've got a craft stall booked for November and I'm hoping to use up all my stash of acrylics and thin guage crochet cottons. I've made quite a few hats and bags already but there are a few yarns that...
13 years ago 1
FO: NYCO #1, finally
Around the first of the month, I finally finished the Aran-style cardigan vest I cast on January 1 (NYCO #2 (the multi-patterned socks) got finished in April)--a whole month before I anticipated. It's...
13 years ago 11
Shawl update
Got a couple of pix today of the shawl being reblocked on the big bed. Will get some of various models showing it off before I enter it at the county fair on Thursday. "Watch this space" +++++++++++++...
13 years ago 1