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New Picture
As most of you know, my granddaughter is visiting. She came to the Knit Out with me on Sunday and won a ball of Bernat Lulu yarn. Here is a pic of the hat I made her today, and a skinny matching scarf...
13 years ago 10
Knitting speed ??
Had a speed trial this morning. With circular needles, I knit ~ 100 stitches per minute. With DPN and sheath, I knit ~ 160 stitches per minute. I'm sure some of you can do better than that with...
13 years ago 47
It must be - I got red yarn in the mail. I had been wondering what they did down there in Victoria! And, more Ivory home spun, fun, fun, fun!! Thanks Wooly : ) Aaron On Wed, 16 Aug 2006 21:37:18 GMT,...
13 years ago 3
hallo all
Hello Yekaraty:-) Did you have fun? SD "Mirjam Bruck-Cohen" a écrit dans le message de news: Today i went a bit into town , saw sandals with Crocheted Mini granny sqaures . mirjam That is great news,...
13 years ago 15
best fiber/yarn for a man's scarf?
I have a friend with COPD who could probably use a good winter scarf. What fiber or brand would you reccommend? I'd like this to be really special. On Wed, 16 Aug 2006 02:32:13 GMT, "Mystified One"...
13 years ago 8
Real, Wooly, Yarn
I just got a shipment of gansey yarns from Iriss of Penzance. These authentic British breed gansey yarns are as different from any wool yarn that I have ever knit; as silk is different from wool....
13 years ago 8
Farmers called to report ugly sheep
't pass up posting this one. JJMolvik LOL Higs, Katherine Being a farm boy I can appreciate that, really cute. Hugs & God bless, Dennis & Gail
13 years ago 2
Greyhound Sweater?
Congratulations Eileen on getting your Pom! That reminded me ... my sister has adopted a greyhound. She lives in Ohio, and evidently the dog does need sweaters for those winters. I'd like to *crochet*...
13 years ago 7
I clicked on your link yesterday, and my computer crashed. (No connection, just the company doing upgrades!) However, I didn't get to see your FO. Could you post it again, please? Higs, Katherine On...
13 years ago 4
att'n: HESIRA
LOL! In answer to your comment on my blog: Not so much *fast* as... *DETERMINED* Hugs, Noreen I get that way sometimes, too! Hugs, Hesira On 15 Aug 2006 08:58:44 -0700, hesira spun a fine yarn Now,...
13 years ago 2
att'n: TOM B. (Nora)
Tom and Nora, Please check your email! Love, Don and Noreen
13 years ago
dog sweater
I just got a pomarian its a toy. I want to knit a sweater for it. Does anyone have a pattern I can use. Thanks As an friend of a Pom owner, I wouldn't recommend a sweater for the little one at all!...
13 years ago 2
Padding Cord for Irish Crochet?
Anyone know if/where I can buy this? I know that some experienced folks just use 3-4 strands of thread held together, but I'm hoping that an actual cord exists somewhere that I can buy while I'm...
13 years ago 3
A couple of FOs
I finished the sage cotton top that I made for my sister. She saw the one I made for myself and wanted one. I couldn't find the same cotton/linen blend I used for that but found a cotton in...
13 years ago 1
a quick FO:
You can see it at my blog: if you ONLY want to see a pic:
13 years ago