Help, loops showing on the top of embroidery

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I just developed a new problem:  I am embroidering the same paisley design
all around the bottom of a skirt and on about the 7th one, the thread
starting making loops on the top.  It is not lying flat in places.  I
checked the bobbin and reinserted it. Then I rethreaded the top, then
changed the needle. Noneof these things helped.
I am using spray adhesive, medium weight cut-away stabilizer of linen-look
fabric (all synthetic, I think). I am using good thread (called Iris).
Any ideas?


Re: Help, loops showing on the top of embroidery
It sounds like there's a piece of thread/fluff/lint/etc around the
bobbin case.  Might not hurt to change the needle (yet again) but from a
different packet as I've had a whole packet that were faulty.

Could be insufficient stabiliser but if you are using the same as on the
previous 7 designs then I wouldn't think this to be your problem.
Needle or piece of thread sounds more like the culprit!!

On second thoughts....has the spray adhesive gummed up your needle?
There could be a glob of this somewhere too....I never use this product
as it's not something I want gunking up my machine.

Floss the thread path while you are rethreading....cut a long length of
thread, mostly I use serger thread, double it, tie several knots along
the length of thread and floss the entire thread path in one go.
UNwaxed dental floss is good too but most is waxed and this will gum up
the tension discs.

Good luck......hope this helps?
Bronwyn ;-)

Kirsten wrote:

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Re: Help, loops showing on the top of embroidery

Kirsten wrote:
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Kirsten, I don't recall what embroidery machine you
selected, so I'm just throwing out ideas here, but if the
design *was* stitching out ok and you're using the same
fabric and stabilizer, sounds like a tension problem:

Check the upper thread path, and clean the tension disks if
you can access them.  Clean out any bits of fluff and/or

Check your manual, clean out the bobbin case and all the
bobbin area really well, and check to be sure your bobbin is
inserted "right-way-around".

If you have manual tension controls (or even electronic)
test with a looser top thread or tighter bobbin thread.

I really think that sometimes gremlins take up residence in
embroidery machines.



Re: Help, loops showing on the top of embroidery

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Thanks Beverly, I do think it is a tension problem.  The problem is I can't
seem to get at the tension disks (who designs a machine like that?).  I have
the designer SE but I am using it so much I don't want to take it to the
shop.  We are going on vacation soon so I may turn it in there before I go.
I did remove a small piece of broken thread from inside near the tension
disks and it seemed to help some.


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