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If I want to add a  yoke to the back of a Tee shirt to give me added  
length for my  rounded back, and get a style change do I do the slash  
and spread thing  from the center back of the yoke? Or would is there  a  
better way to get the length I need? I have to add about 1 3/4 inches.

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I'd take a shirt that sort of fit, except for the hump, and copy the back after  
marking the apex of the roundness, and also if you need to take darts to the back  
shoulder or neckline.  Draw in the new design line for the yoke, not more than
about an inch above or below the apex, and separate the two pattern sections.
Add the extra 1.75" to the lower section at the midline, tapering to nothing at  
the armscye or side seam -- wherever it terminates.   The design line can be  
anything you like -- straight, curved, western shirt yoke, whatever you like.

Copy the upper section one more time, close any darts, rebalance the neckline
and you should be good to go.  Depending on the vagaries of age and time, you may  
still want a couple of tiny (1/8" wide uptake, less than an inch long) darts to
back neckline, rather than taking all of the darting out in the yoke.  

If this makes no sense, I'll do you a quick series of photos.


Re: Ping Kay
On 3/23/2014 10:01 PM, Kay Lancaster wrote:
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I think I get the idea but pictures would help if you don't mind. I'm a  
very visual person.

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