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White sewing machine - model ?
Hi All ; This machine is posted at a local online estate auction and I tried several google-image searches but I couldn't identify the model - anyone have an idea ? about the poor photo quality - it's...
1 day ago
multi temperature hot glue problem
I recently used some multi temperature hot glue to repair a section of blanket. However, I am experiencing some allergies. This blanket is underneath another I sleep with and there are times where I...
3 weeks ago
Re: Rayon Shrinkage
Hi) If you are trying to find some useful info about fabrics shrinkage, try to find something interesting here -
4 weeks ago
Riccar RW-6L
Just bought this sewing machine. It's in great shape, but no manual. I haven't had any luck finding one online. Any suggestions?
1 month ago
Dog foot mechanism
Can I get a replacement part for the part that makes the dog foot move up-down, back -forth to move the material. My piece broke. The rest of the machine is in good condition Brought in cause I...
1 month ago 1
Basement sewing room
I have a semi-finished basement (painted concrete floors, dropped ceiling tiles, bathroom, painted block walls, and a bathroom). It was prone to flooding until three years ago when had a lot of work...
1 month ago 1
Brother PC 6000 sewing machine
I am looking for this machine. I own one which I love, however, it is beginning to have an intermittent problem for which I have been unable to find a part. Can anyone help me? I love this sewing...
1 month ago
I don't sew enough
Today I needed a peg to hang a data cable on, and used my very last worn-out sewing-machine needle.
2 months ago
Singer model 9612
The bevel gear on the above machine is defective and needs to be replaced. The gear is on the bobbin end of th horizontal shaft. I have removed the retaining clip and loosened all set screws but the...
3 months ago
Hi ladies and gents, I was gifted a gorgeous Empisal Pacesetter 21 (vintage), that's been in my family for over 36years. I need the user manual though - any idea where i can find one? Empisal in South...
3 months ago 1
Singer Featherweight
I've seen quite a few of these little Singer Featherweight machines - at auctions and thrift stores - always fetching a higher price than I can understand - what is so special about these ? Here's...
3 months ago 6
Westalee Ruler foot
can I use a low shank ruler foot on a Lily 555
3 months ago
What do you enjoy sewing?
What specific areas of sewing do you enjoy doing? Take care, Andy
4 months ago
Machine with Alphanumeric
Can someone recommend a machine- new or used- with alphanumeric stitches? Brother and Singer are two brands that have this feature on many of their machines. Pretty sure Janome, Pfaff, and other...
4 months ago 2
Old rules
I took a needle, a spool of thread, and a scrap I meant to baste into a folded strip to make tabs for my linen niqab to the rocking chair beside the patio door. When the job was done, I realized that...
4 months ago 1