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"One more seam" syndrome
While getting ready for my nap, I noticed a nine-by-fourteen piece of gauze lying on the sewing machine and pinned the narrow ends together, but I did not stitch them. I have learned that when I sew...
9 months ago 2
Sad News
Dear Sewing Friends, It'my sad duty to tell you that a long time member of the group, Emily Bengston past away on Saturday, April 6th. I received an email this morning from her son telling me of...
9 months ago
How to thread a viscount 200
Can you help me thread Viscount 2000 sewing machine Here is a site to buy a manual. By the picture it looks like a standard machine with pretty standard threading.
9 months ago 1
Mask pattern
Wearing masks is all the rage now, and I've been thinking of making one so I'd be in fashion on the rare occasions that I venture out. But I don't have a mask to copy. The design is very simple: tear...
10 months ago 26
Elna Star Series 62C
Hi Folks ; I just discovered some youtube videos for my favourite machine - the Elna "blue top". Including two 28 minute videos for changing the camstack gear. I've got a sweet Air Electronic that...
11 months ago
Does anyone have a Singer 10uj13 serger sewing machine that can help me with mine
A friend gave me this machine and it is now not overlocking, both needles keep coming unthreaded. I have the tension loose on all 4 threads, have tried adjusting the tension and they still unthread no...
11 months ago 3
Elna Supermatic Flywheel not tightening
Hi, I have an old Elna Supermatic. It was fully serviced then put into storage for a bit, now I have set it up again the Flywheel isn't tightening in order to run properly. When I hold the large outer...
1 year ago 1
3 to 4 years boy Night suit pattern drafting
Hello can someone help me and provide me pattern draffing of 3 to 4 years boy's night suit pattern drafting .so that i can print and make use of it for my grand ftrrs P.S. and would like if there is...
1 year ago 1
manual or how to thread riccar sewing machine model rw-7
just got this sewing machine not sure how to thread it On Mon, 25 Nov 2019 05:44:02 +0000, Rico John T. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
1 year ago 1
Re: Yates American J170?
I have a YA J-170. It is in excellent condition except the grooves in the speed positioning handle have worn down at the lower speeds, so the ball bearing slips out of place. I am unsure how or if...
1 year ago
keep zipper sliders and handles intact while washing & drying?
I have two fleece/ cotton combination coats that I really like because of their warmth, but I have had either the zipper sliders, handle, or both detach after washing drying. I have with great care...
1 year ago 5
Need the manual for a baby lock BLSE300. Thanks
Just acquired this machine and have no idea how anything works. Would really appreciate a copy of the manual. I have been everywhere with no luck. Thanks so much Check out the thread entitled "Need...
1 year ago 1
Tex 1 or DBx1 needles for a Huskylock 430
I need to find needles for my old Huskylock 430 TEX 1 or DBx1 size On Tue, 27 Aug 2019 11:44:01 +0000, Jane Did you look in the drawer ? ... under the zippers . :-) John T. email me I have them in 12...
1 year ago 3
Basic sewing machine
I am looking for a basic sewing machine. I do not need any "bells or whistles." I was in a sewing machine shop and they showed me some Brother machines. Cheapest was around $500. I do not need 26...
1 year ago 8
Hunky Dory Laser Level
My husband borrowed my Black & Decker electric chalk line to hang some pictures, and in the process found a use for the spike on the magnetic base. Halfway through the job he came into the sewing room...
1 year ago