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Re: manual for an older kenmore sewing machine
The original post was from September 27, 1999, after several responses the thread died out 10/5/99. Meh
2 years ago
Elna 7000 sewing
My elna 7000 was not picking the bobbin thread up, but after sorting that problem it now doesn't sew at all, makes the noise, feeds the material, but not a single stitch I am not familiar with your...
2 years ago 2
Any old sewing machine experts here who recognize this badge? My younger DD was at a swap meet this weekend, and saw an old curved-arm machine with that badge. Just curious, I am NOT adding to my...
2 years ago 7
Throw Pillow Stuffing?
I've got a couple of sofa throw pillows that could stand some stuffing inside. Would just a new pillow form do the trick or would that stuff become flat as a flitter in two years? Any suggestions...
2 years ago 6
Re: Bernette 720
I am about to buy a used one for $50 on offerup, I have seen them on ebay for the same price! If you can find used that might be better :) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ > Twenty-six years! I think this...
2 years ago 4
Elna model 62 Super oily
I have a vintage 1960's Elna Model 62 Super. I want to know if it is possible to fix it. The previous owner said that the motor just stopped working. When I got it home, I noticed a lot of oil had...
2 years ago 1
Sewing machine wheel
Hi I'm new to the group but frustrated in finding an answer to my problem from Singer - My machine is jammed - The wheel wont turn at all - Have cleaned bobbin area - everything else - Still wont sew...
2 years ago 4
Re: will psw1.1 run with windows 10 also how can i join yahoo group teamsewamused
Thank you very much. I called the singer dealer and he looked for a suggestion form singer and it said the software was designed using windows 98 and the latest software really copatibaliale is xp. I...
2 years ago 1
will psw1.1 run with windows 10 also how can i join yahoo group teamsewamused
trying to load psw 1.1 on windows 10 my machine recongizes the card reaer/writer but psw does not. i got a usb serial cord to connet the card reader with. also keep seeing to go to teamsewamused yahoo...
2 years ago 5
Re: Need Sewing Machine Manual - Wards UHT J2000
Hi Tanya - I am replying to this message June 9, 2018, so unsure if you still have this sewing machine. I do have a Stitch Guide for Computer 2000 UHT J2000 for this exact model Please tell me if you...
2 years ago 1
Gluing curtain hems
My wife died recently, half way through our moving house. We were planning to take and re-use many of our curtains, all of which were sewn by my wife. But many of them need re-sizing, especially...
2 years ago 7
Stitches on Singer 514
Just got a Singer 514, working fine before but I must have changed a setting which means instead of each stitch being the same length, it goes long-short-long-short. How do I get them to go back to...
2 years ago 2
Wooden Jersey
As I was leafing past the sports pages in today's paper, a headline caught my eye: "Brees Buys Wooden Jersey" What a disappointment to learn that it was a jersey worn by a man named "Wooden". I read...
2 years ago 1
is it necessary to prewash ribbon if sewing it on to a washable garment?
I'm making towel wraps for grad gifts this year and am wondering if it's necessary to prewash my ribbon before applying to the towels. The towels have all been preached. I'm thinking that the ribbon...
2 years ago 2
Crippled-up sewing.
I'm not exactly crippled -- I went on a seventeen-mile bike ride yesterday, and found it disappointingly short -- but I do need to ration my standing-still time. I pressed creases into three binding...
2 years ago 1