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Forgive my ignorance - I'm not a sewist - I just like the machines.
I just picked up another Elna blue-top - Star 62C -
- a quick cleaning & a few drops of oil - away it sews !
The 6 built-in stitches work OK ; I tried a few embroidery cams
& it seemed to sew OK.
When running it through various zig-zag widths & lengths
I noticed some fabric puckering. Bobbin tension felt a little strong
so I made that adjustment. The stitches improved but still puckering
the fabric. Changed the needle & presser foot. .. didn't help.
Any tips ? Feed-dogs seem OK - is there a way to make them
less agressive ? grasping at straws ..
Would the type of fabric or type of thread cause puckering ?
Any suggestions are appreciated. Taking it into a professional
isn't really in the cards for a $ 50. machine.
John T.
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On Tue, 2 Jun 2020 09:48:40 -0700, The Real Bev snipped-for-privacy@gmail.com wrote:
I got out my loupe and squinted at 6 or 7 needles - can't see anything but pointy-points ... ? Is a ball-point pretty obvious ? or is marked as such ? John T.
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Causes of fabric puckering, and how to tell what's going on, courtesy of American Efird threads:
formatting link
Sew some samples with two plies of fabric, get out the seam ripper, and diagnose away!
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Kay Lancaster

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