Best time to eat bread

The newly baked bread in the showcase of a bakery look so delicious that you may want to taste it at once. Actually, it?s not the best time. When the 'baked food'
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isstill steaming, some unvolatilized irritants, such as alcohol or otherfermented products, may cover its original flavor and disturb yourtaste. Yet, long-time stored bread is improper to eat as well. Itbelongs to fresh food whose raw materials, such as eggs and milk, willgo bad if stored for some time. You'd better taste it in six hours afterit's baked, so you have to be patient enough to wait for it gettingcold.
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Interesting - never knew this. But nothing beats freshly baked bread with the inside warm and chewy and the crust crispy. You can always toast it 6 hours after but it's not the same.
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I've seen NO scientific reason or link showing freshly baked bread ISN'T at it's best, OR that older bread is dangerous due to 'eggs and milk'.
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I like to eat in the breakfast with some butter and jam or fried egg. I am also eat fresh bread just came out of the oven and that bread has the best taste. I love to eat bread when I have nothing to eat.
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