low temperature bread recipe

So, I'm trying to make caffeinated bread (sounds crazy, I know, but
imagine: you're working until lunch time, and tired, and all you have
to do is eat your lunch to wake up!), the only problem is: caffeine
sublimes at 352 degrees, which seems to be a really low temperature
for baking. (Basically, that means anything above that temperature
will take all the caffeine out of the dough).
So, I was wondering: does anyone know of a recipe for bread that bakes
at low temperatures, like below 350 degrees?
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Might be too late for a reply to this, but just because the oven is 350 doesn't mean that the bread is. The internal temp of the bread should never get over about 210 (The water turns to steam and carries away heat with it, or something like that). The crust will have risen close to the temp of the oven, but the temperature of the bread will decrease as you near the center.
As long as the caffeine doesn't break down into something toxic, you should be fine. It is bitter, though, IIRC, and is slightly alkaline which may interfere with the gluten or yeast. Eggs are slightly acidic and could balance out the caffeine, and may produce extra rise in the process. It could be a really fun experiment and I would be interested in knowing your results.
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