Noobie baking bread for the first time, need some tips

Hey all, first time posting. Looking to have a little bake-off with
the wife and was looking for a couple decent old-school, mom-and-pop,
corner baking type recipes. Nothing fancy shamcy, just a good, moist
loaf or round at the end of it. We've got an electric oven,
non-convection if it makes a difference. Would it cook better on a
non-stick sheet or on a baking / pizza stone? It's my 1st time so be
gentle. Thanks!
- Thee Chicago Wolf
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Thee Chicago Wolf
What sort of bread are you trying to make? White, whole grain, loaf, artisan? What sort of crust do you seek?
More hints will help find you a recipe.
You might also want to read the google archives of, and link to The Fresh Loaf.
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Boron Elgar
Thanks for the tips. I'll have to double check if my feed gets I checked out some of the recipes from
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and that's where I got the tip to ask here.Basically I'm looking for the consistency of a good home madebread-bowl on the inside with the nice, crumbly and crisp outer crust,not to dissimilar from something like Gonella brand bread. This wouldbe white bread which I'm told is the easy place to start. I'll checkout Google and the other sites you recommended with respect to thetype of bread and other tips. Thanks much! - Thee Chicago Wolf
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Thee Chicago Wolf

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