Puff pastry machine

Is there such a thing as a machine that makes puff pastry from scratch. As in, put in the ingredients, wait, return to find ready to use puff pastry.
I've done a bit of search on the internet and have only found factory scale machines for doing it, nothing suitable for the home consumer.
I do understand that the process of creating puff pastry is more complicated than, say, breadmaking. But in our modern world people have invented all sorts of useful machines. So I thought it worth asking the question.
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Don't really think you will find anything like this. Problem is, most puff pastry is made by folding in several layers of butter or shortening, sometimes a little of both. The folding in process is a little hard to duplicate and it requires resting in the cooler between folds. There was a quick puff pastry I did in one of my classes. It was similar to a pie dough, but with really big chunks of the shortening left. Can't get to the formula at the moment. Most of my notes are still packed away after moving.
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It may be time consuming, but it's really quite easy, and not at all complicated. I think you should try to make some yourself!
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