Supermoist cake recipe please?

I started baking a year ago. My goal is to make some respectable cake.
So far the results had been OK until I tried a box of Betty Cocker
Supermoist Cake. Just substituting oild with real butter, it's MUCH
better than any cake I'd made from scratch. It can be perpared in less
than 5 munites and the cakes are fluffy and moist. A few people asked
me about the recipe. They were kind of disappointed when being told
"Betty Cocker" box.
Anyone got a recipe which is better or same as the "supermoist"? Thank
Please don't save me from the "box" cake mixers. It takes the joy out
of baking.
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I've found this one to be very reliable, and popular. Our 15-yo daughter, who tends to disdain *anything* prepared at home, loves it, and asks me to make one a couple of times a month! You'll find the recipe many places on the net, plus at least one weird one, made with Milky Way bars(!), but the link is to the version I use. Some sites suggest two round pans, but I like the 13x9 best. And it doesn't need frosting! It's an old Hershey's recipe, as far as I can tell
Black Magic Cake
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