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Lemon Juice in Bread Machine ?
It helps to make the yeast happy and helps the rise when using machines trying it today. You can use vinager lime or lemon. Interesting ! Thanks, that's interesting, next time I do a batch of bread...
1 year ago 1
Re: Does your springform pan leak?
I just used a little one (5") to bake the left-over stuffing from a batch of which I cooked the bulk in an 8-hole mini-loaf tin. I was worried that the fat* from the mix would melt and drain out, so I...
2 years ago
Powdered peanut butter
A local bulk food store is offering powdered peanut butter. I have tried it in bread (1 tbsp per loaf), and on granola (a generous spoonful in a 1/3 cup serving), with no distinct taste enhancement....
2 years ago 1
Re: How do I get large holes in English Muffins
I am really looking forward to trying this recipe but for some reason the measurements for water and baking soda come up as a "?"...Can you please clarify for me how much water and baking soda you...
4 years ago
Magic Cake recipe anyone?
MSN news came up with Magic cake but not a detailed recipe. How much flour for example. Also temperature seems critical to get that layering :-
4 years ago
Flour from Sacramento Valley wheat?
Does anybody know where I might buy a bit of flour ground from wheat grown in the Sacramento Valley? I'm curious to find out what sort of bread it makes. At one time (late 1800's) wheat was a major...
4 years ago
Food the happiest of traditions - Reviving old recipes
And Jeremy, I was just tired of your decade of bullshit and visions of grandeur about all these things you're "working on" or have not done in the past. Even posting a call for meetings with imaginary...
5 years ago 1
Re: "CCF" Cookbook
This is an old post I know, but if it's still active, and you found an answer - please let me know. Thanks. The name of the cookbook was "Canadian Favourites" Good luck in finding a copy... RsH...
5 years ago 2
Nuutti - nutrient calculation software
Nuutti - nutrient calculation software Information on nearly 10,000 foods Nuutti is the leading food and nutrient calculation software. Free Nuutti -basic version includes: - Nutrient information on...
5 years ago
Christmas Biscuits
Hey guys, just gotten into baking and I'm looking for some help. I saw these Christmas biscuits online and I was wondering about the process of making them: 'Biscuiteers Christmas Biscuits, Cakes,...
6 years ago 1
steam vegetable with silicone steamer in home
When you want to make a flesh vegetable ,you need to use silicone steamer to deal with it . First ,prepare the vegetable ,clean the vegetable and silicone steamer . The second ,boiling the water in...
6 years ago
pay attention to use the silicone pan
Silicone bakeware are widely used in our family ,when we use the silicone cake pan ,something we need to pay attention . 1 , Accordint to the silicone baking pans heat ratings ,fit into the...
6 years ago
Baking videos on youtube Peter and the oven
Hey guys. I just wanted to share our new baking channel on youtube. We just started out, here is our very first bread and how to make it. I hope you like :)
6 years ago
what kind of cake do you want to make
My family has three person ,I ,my wife and daughter .I like the rice cake ,my wife like the bread cake ,my daughter likes the cupcake ,when the holiday is coming ,we will make many kind of cake ,what...
6 years ago
how to use silicone baking pan in home
silicone bakeware made of silicone. Silicone baking pan is heat-stable over a wide temperature range and is safe for the dishwasher, freezer and microwave. Because silicone cake pans easily releases...
6 years ago