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Fat-free, whole wheat pie crust?
My wife and I have changed to a low-fat, high fiber lifestyle. Last night we pulled out one of our favorite recipes from our "fat days," chicken pot pie. We set out to modify it by reducing the butter...
14 years ago 1
need info re oven gadget
Some time back I saw a post about a new gadget that was due on the market which would allow you to bake with moisture applied. Sound familiar to anyone? Is there such? I have not heard of such a...
14 years ago 3
Turbo Baker II with manual
I have a DAK Turbo Baker II with instructions posted for sale on eaby auction. The url is can email me with any questions elhouck
14 years ago
Backwoods-Country Military Recipes Database
Hi All, Just wanted to tell everyone to check out and to tell you about a new database program, Military RecipesDatabase. It contains over 1600 tried and true high yield recipes that feed our troops....
14 years ago
The Artisan May 5, 2006 Upload - Temperature
Hello All: We have uploaded an article to the Bread Basics section of The Artisan. The article is entitled "Temperature Control in Baking". The article is fairly long, and detailed relative to this...
14 years ago
I'm looking for a former poster who introduced me to sourdough/bread baking. I'd like to chat with them again. Thank you. Bud
14 years ago
Rose Beranbaum's Cake Bible
I haven't tried everything in it and I was wondering, for those who have used her book, does she live up to all the praise? So far, the first few recipes are very high in fat (all that butter and...
14 years ago 17
Real vs. "light/whipped" frosting/icing question
Hi everyone, I have a basic question about cake frosting/icing. For a few years now, I've noticed that many bakeries use a cake frosting/icing that takes more like someone put whipped cream on the...
14 years ago 2
Fun with sourdough
I ordered a jar of sourdough starter from King Arthur. About the time it arrived, we had to fly back east on family business. Not wanting to kill it from neglect, I had my next door neighbor starter...
14 years ago
Buffet bread
At a buffet last week and there was an item that looked and tasted great. I would be interested to know what bread recipe was used. They looked like miniture swiss rolls, but were savoury. I'm...
14 years ago 8
Storebought cookie crunchiness
Hi all, How do I achieve the crunchiness of storebought cookies? I have no problem making flaky or chewy cookies but somehow that really dry crunch is something I can't seem to achieve. Any...
14 years ago 9
"breakfast Vs body weight" questionnaire
Please fill in the questionnaire by clicking below link. !
14 years ago
Need Aprons?
Here's a good apron source very cool chili pepper and american flag apron. I've got one. In article , Huh. The domain registrant is Michelle Davenport (CTLGDN-441670) 5240 Henderson Mountain Rd...
14 years ago 9
Bread machines
Anyone have experience with the Sunbeam 5891 bread machine. I see them for sale at Wal-Mart for $40, Any good? TIA, Bill I brought one home last fall, but my daughter-in-law swiped it before I could...
14 years ago 1
recipe cd
Hi, I'm from the Bordentown Church of God, and the members of my church are interested in collecting recipes from members of numerous other people and creating one big recipe CD for all to enjoy. We'd...
14 years ago 5