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Hi from Marisa
Linda asked us old timers to call in and say hi. The death of my beloved Sooz prompts me to do so. I hope everyone is doing well. I'm still beading and selling my jewelry. My focus this year is a bit...
9 years ago 15
Bead Shows
Do any of you still lingering here attend bead shows in your area? If so, which ones are your favorites and why? Do you have a favorite bead show vendor? Linda2 I wish there was a bead show around...
9 years ago 11
wire wrap and beads
here's a link to the website of my friend Holly Burger, that I have helped her build. She does lots of things, including beading and wirewrap, and I thought you all might enjoy the slideshow. It takes...
9 years ago 2
sad nooz
When I first started reading and posting here in rec-crafts-beads, I was delighted to find people who share many of my own passions and also some troubles and ways of dealing with them. I made...
9 years ago 37
AD: I have Ornela seed beads in my Artfire shop
To post an ad that's at least about beads: I have all of the colors and sizes of Ornela seed beads that I currently have in my Artfire shop: (check under seed beads) (you can find other bead related...
9 years ago
Sad news
Hi all, I just got the following very sad news from Barbara Forbes-Lyons on Facebook: Since we all share the history of RCB, I wanted you to know that VJ (vicki jean) Ball passed away this morning in...
10 years ago
Any one here - bead loom question
Ok - my 12 yo DD has decided she wants to learn to use my bead loom. No problems teacher her the basics on my part. But with my pocketbook feeling a bit pinched; what would you use for thread - she's...
10 years ago 7
Has anyone got?
I hope someone answers or has got an answer for my quest. First does anyone have the Bead Pattern (the Magazine) issue 17 May/June 2008. I am looking for a bead pattern for a letter opener. peyote...
10 years ago 4
AD-craft site to share
Hi everyone! Just a quick note to let you all know in our site I hope you will take a look!
10 years ago
AD - new lampwork beads in my Etsy store!
Hi everyone! Just a quick note to let you all know I have listed some pretty lampwork beads in my Etsy shop. I hope you will take a look! :) Thanks! Kandice
10 years ago
Great Deal on Beads today!
Check out today's deal on Imported Beads in Birmingham. This is a web based company so anyone can buy, even if you do not live in Birmingham. Rare, imported gemstones and sterling silver...
10 years ago
3D beaded Cupcake tutorial
It's the pink cupcake tutorial lots of you were voted and waiting for! It's not too difficult to make, just two pages long of tutorial, much easier than the big crystal one but a bit more beading to...
10 years ago
New to the group - I'd like to get your feedback
Hello Everyone, I just joined this group and have been enjoying reading the posts. It seems that most of the members are very experienced. I'm learning beading and get to the point that I can make...
10 years ago 1
Hi, my dear old friends
I see Sooz and Shirley!!! So things CAN'T be all bad. I'll have to write tomorrow. Tina How lovely to "see" you again Tina. I was thinking of you the other day, when I was handling my Wand. Do you...
10 years ago 1
TIDBITS 09/12/10
If any of you want Tidbits emailed directly, let me know and I'll take care of it. Tidbits may be reprinted without charge-with attribution and without change. Additionally, if you know of anyone who...
10 years ago