Any one here - bead loom question

Ok - my 12 yo DD has decided she wants to learn to use my bead loom. No
problems teacher her the basics on my part. But with my pocketbook feeling a
bit pinched; what would you use for thread - she's been using sewing thread
for now and I have plenty. But soon she's going to want to make a something
she's not going to pick apart right after. (btw that has been her decision,
not mine - to start over repeatedly)
So - what's cheap enough for me to buy in bulk that would still last when
she finishes a piece.
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Cheryl Isaak
Hi Cheryl,
I'm not a bead loom expert, but when I did it I'm sure I used Nymo. It's strong, and will last. It's not too pricey, I think I paid $7.95 for a large spool here in Canada. It's probably less expensive in the U.S. You might find it at Michael's or Ben Franklin and use a 40% off coupon.
HTH...Linda D. in B.C., Canada
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Linda D.
Hi Cheryl,
no experience with bead looms whatsoever, but any kind of monofilament (fishing line) should work, at least for starts. You may get a better deal at fishing stores than craft stores, and you're likely not the first beader to walk in there - or if you go into a big box store, look in the fishing section as well (I don't remember where you are, I hope you're not in the middle of dry land)
Apologies to you and everybody else of the old crowd still around here for not having shown up for so long.
Aloha, Maren
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Maren at google
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This post did not show up on my computer or I would have answered. I have always used Nymo on my bead loom. Hugs Shirley
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Shirley Shone
Thank you Mauren Nope - plenty of fishing here. Since she's playing with seed beads (brave child that she is) I'll see what I can find next time I hit WallyWorld.
Cheryl On 12/24/10 3:23 AM, in article, "Maren at
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Cheryl Isaak
I'll wander in with my coupons, but the only thing I recall seeing were little spools about an inch in diameter.
Cheryl On 12/20/10 11:59 AM, in article, "Linda
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Cheryl Isaak
Our WalMart does not carry Nymo or Sylamide. I stock up at our LBS or the bead shows when they come to town.
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Try dental floss! Honestly, works wonderfully! You can get it waxed, for easier movement through beads, and it's super durable! (won't break, or fray under normal circumstances - also holds up to being wet really well...) Go for the heavier gauged floss, it's slightly wider than regular, while still being narrow enough to make several passes through seed beads. Hope your daughter enjoys her hobby!
Janice & Sara
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