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No more posts.
My ISP is dropping Usenet on the 28th of this month, so if anyone is reading I will be saying goodbye. Been a great joy "knowing" you all. Hugs Shirley Shirley, I am sorry to hear that. I have not...
6 years ago 1
Remembering Sooz
It is now 3 years since we lost Sooz and I think of her often. This will probably be the last post I make on here since my ISP is dropping Usenet. Hugs to all my beady friends who read this. Shirley,...
6 years ago 1
Micro Macrame Patterns and Training
My wife has created a bunch of patterns using Micro Macrame. She was looki ng for patterns online and found that she couldn't find hardly any. So she decided to start creating her own. I'm good at...
7 years ago
The Gem Expo - Toronto
Check out some of Canada?s best independent Jewellery vendors and Jewelle ry makers, Precious and Semi-Precious stones from around the world, Beads, Beading supplies & tools, Gemstones, Minerals,...
8 years ago
Fashion Jewelry
The following jewelry may not be sold in 24k golden unfortunately shortly will probably be supplied. They will also be critical together with gems which are the most expensive jewelry.
9 years ago
Hi All, Really glad I have found a forum I can discuss my favourite hobbie with fellow crafters! I am seeking some advice on the best subscription magazines for cross stitching? A close friend...
9 years ago
new moderated bead group
hi there everyone--and particularly Shirley! since we have not been able to make this a moderated group to limit spam, I've started a new bead group over at google groups. Anyone can join, and posts...
9 years ago 2
Birthday memories for Sooz
It would have been Sooz's birthday today. So I am remembering her, she is missed so very much. Hugs Shirley I miss her too. Thanks for remembering her birthday and reminding me too!
9 years ago 1
bead slideshow
hey there! I just moved and refurbished my friend Laura's website and added a lot of images to her slide show of beaded dolls and jewelry. I saw what she's working on currently when I visited...
9 years ago 1
It is a shame to see this once active group fade away !! I have never posted very much but was a big time lurker and got a lot of good information from many of you. My thanks to you all and happy...
9 years ago 3
Bead Mercantile
Bead Mercantile show this weekend. Now I'll stock up on seed beads to be able to replenish my craft show inventory. The show is not until November but I sold out of almost everything, especially...
9 years ago 3
Just a note to say how grateful I was for RCB "back in the day" and how sad it is to know that a wonderful woman is gone. Hugs to all who used to come here. I hope we can revive RCB and get to know...
9 years ago 6
I was so sorry to read about Sooz - she was so encouraging to me when I first joined RCB. I have looked for her to post off and on for the last few years and often wondered where she was and how she...
9 years ago 7
Eye Candy
Another thing that I associate with Sooz. Enjoy, Tina Friskey colors! Love her eBay name -- Ravens and Rain (like an Alaskan summer) Love Annie Divelbiss's colors Hey! Flowers, AND CZs, and green!!...
9 years ago 4
Marisa's blog
Here's a link to my blog, in it I share the creative process, ideas, the occasional story. love, light, peace Marisa x I like the beaded beads! and though pink is not my fave color, you make it work...
9 years ago 1