Bead Mercantile

Bead Mercantile show this weekend. Now I'll stock up on seed beads to be
able to replenish my craft show inventory. The show is not until November
but I sold out of almost everything, especially bracelets and holiday
Plus I love to just fondle the lampwork.
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I envy you, I have not been to a bead show for many years. The few that they have in UK are usually too far away for me to go. Enjoy your time there. Shirley
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Shirley Shone
I know whatt you mean about the fondling. I do too--and thats the reason I still go to bead shows even when I'm not an exhibitor! Good to hear that you have sold out of most everything. Do you notice that things are picking up, saleswise, this year? I've seen small improvements. Hoping for more as the season rolls on! SJ
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Well, normaly I do around $150 for this two day show, but I'm happy just to make back the table fee of $50. Last year, a woman bought almost every bracelet and all the holiday earrings as gifts for the clients of a non-profit agency and I gave her a discount, but her sale alone was $150. I've done this show for so many years that I know to only bring items under $20. I've got lots of $1 earrings and $5 bracelets and necklaces. The biggest sellers are turkey earrings (the show is right before Thanksgiving) and holiday earrings (Xmas trees, Santas). It's fun, I've met some wonderful people and a lot of them become repeat clients.
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