It is a shame to see this once active group fade away !! I have never
posted very much but was a big time lurker and got a lot of good
information from many of you.
My thanks to you all and happy beading!!
Shirley, take care of yourself and wish you lived closer, I know we
could have been good friends.
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Marilee M
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There is no reason on my part that we cannot email each other. I too wished I could have lived closer to you and many of the others. I feel very sad at losing so many friends from RCB.
Hugs shirley
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Shirley Shone
We are going to the mountains on the 18th for two weeks, will write when we return. The only problem, my life is very dull!!!! Taking my beads with me and a good book, plan to just relax. Take care. Marilee
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Marilee M
Marilee, I could use dull right now BIG TIME. I have reading time, but stitching and beading time does not exist. Enjoy your vacation
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Cheryl Isaak

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