what happened to this group

all of a sudden it just flopped and no one is posting..where did y ou
all go..why have a group if no one is on to enjoy it.
oh well another bites the dust
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chatty cathy
That's the way this group has been for at least a couple years. It was thriving like the scrapbook newsgroup for several years but didn't have the OT chatter like they do. Maybe that's why they keep going and this one hasn't. I've noticed that several of the people on the scrapbook newsgroup know about stamping too.
There were a lot of very talented people here who would help newcomers with questions but guess they moved on. If you have a question I'll reply if I know the answer...if I don't, hopefully someone else will check in from time to time and help you.
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Wave Jumper
I am here, I just had to go off of my computer for a bit as I was involved in the MWAG (Midwest Angel Gathering) and unfortunately it took a bit more of my time then I had anticipated and well I am back.
I love this group it is small and yet informative. So I have so many cool projects to show you all I learned so much and got so many cool samples I can't wait to incorporate them all into my stuff. I think that I have finally figured out my Christmas cards.
So don't go away I still have a lot to talk about and LOVE this group.
Inky Huggz,
Missy Olson Angel #1754 North Branch, MN
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