new moderated bead group

hi there everyone--and particularly Shirley!
since we have not been able to make this a moderated group to limit
spam, I've started a new bead group over at google groups. Anyone can
join, and posts are moderated to keep out spam. Members can advertise
BEAD and BEAD RELATED items using "AD" in the subject line within
limits--those who are *only* posting ads will be removed. Off topic
posts (like Kathi's stories!!!!! but NOT flames) are fine, just use
"OT" in the subject line...and try to work some beads in there. After
all---just about everything can use some embellishment!
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I see you talking about me on google groups. I was waiting until my computer savvy son came home to assist me. I have been unwell for a few weeks. It maybe that so many drugs over the 30 years I have had heart problems have cause an ulcer. New drugs are causing some bad side effects making me feel unwell. So I do not make any mistakes I need DS to help me out with joining the group Hugs Shirley
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Shirley Shone
okay--I'm going to go send you an invite from there right now that I've got the correct one.. I am pretty sure all you have to do is accept it, nobody has told me differently. There's 8 of us there so far, more to come!! I'm so sorry you are feeling unwell...that always puts a crimp in the beading!! Big hugs to you, looking forward to catching up! Sarajane
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