babylock advise please

Ive just got back from an exhibition and was impressed with the stand alone
Cover Stitch machine by babylock, has anyone got any opinions before I sink
myself... I already have the imagine overlocker so didn't want to buy the
new 8 thread evolve that also coverstitches. I am looking for a machine to
finish garments that look like shop bought with a triple /twin stitch.
Any hints suggestions gratefully received .
The price quoted today was £649 including the fabric guide, bias foot and
two other feet is this a good price???
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I have an Imagine and an Evolve. Keep the Imagine and get the cover stitch machine. I wish I would have done this. I like the Evolve, but its a bit of a pain to convert it all the time. The Imagine does a better job on smaller projects, its foot is narrower and goes into and around corners easier.
The cover stitch machine works great, you will really like it.
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C :)
I have an Evolve, it is the easiest machine in the world to use. I can't understand why anyone would think it is difficult to change over. It is a piece of cake.
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Hi I don't think it was the difficult side, just time consuming if you do a great deal of sewing. I went ahead and bought the coverstitch to sit along side my imagine, hemmer etc and it is easier to move along the bench.
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