Babylock Digitizing Question

Any opinions on the best software for digitizing? We own a Babylock Ellageo
and we are looking at Palette 5.0 but are curious if anyone has experience
using other software with the Ellageo. For those that use Palette 5.0, how
long did it take you to become "proficient" at using the software with both
the autodigitizer and by custom digitizing? We are fairly new to embroidery
and very new to digitizing but have seen a few demonstrations and believe we
need to head in that direction for the specific custom work we are planning
to do. If there are other newsgroups where this topic might be more
appropriate, please advise.
TIA for any comments and suggestions.
SGM in Indiana
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Steve McDevitt
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Palette 5 was created for the Babylock units. It works so well and so very easily that is is a great surprise. With the windows of instruction you don't have to drag a book around to figure out how to make it work. Good luck but Palette is the only way to go. Haley
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