Horses, Quilt Blocks and a new Lady @ BFC !

Don't be afraid to experiment with color when stitching your designs.
Often the same design can look totally different with different color
choices. To make it easier, follow the guidelines of the original design: if
the design had two shades of blue, but you want green, choose two shades of
green. If the design has colors from very light to dark, choose your new
colors in this same value order. In this way, your design will still have
the proper ratio of shades.
NEW DESIGNS: All new designs are on introductory pricing (except fun sets)
and all have free samples. You can see them here:
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*PORTRAIT - HORSES* by Fred These horses are so real they come right out
of the page at you - a must see!
*TRADITIONAL QUILT BLOCKS IN REDWORK II* By Kerrie. Due to popular demand,
Kerrie has created another great set of Quilt Blocks.
*WINDOWS - LADY WITH LILACS* This lady will be carrying a large tray of
lilacs. She is part of a *Victorian Lady* series that will have 3 more
ladies and two or more Quilting sets to make anything from a wall hanging to
a full size guilt. Suz will be announcing a Club 100 bonus plan for
purchasing several of the sets within this series.
*PEACOCK FEATHERS* A set of various styles of peacock feathers to decorate
just about anything! They would be great for the new designer jeans.
*STAINED GLASS - THE PEACOCK* We really should have named this set
*Portrait of a Peacock* as you'll see when you look at the page. This set
is designed for both regular thread and metallics (you get the lists of both
types). We also include instructions for several methods of assembly and
were doing our sample all on one piece of fabric - no seams! Suz has added
two more sections to the Peacock.
*WINDOWS - FLORAL FANTASY* by Fred Gorgeous brilliant colors make a wall
hanging suitable for any room! Fred has added two more designs and the
Fantasy is starting to really come together! The Ideas file has been added
and Fred plans to have this set complete next Friday.
*ART NOUVEAU UNDERWATER* Done in one of my favorites styles, this is a fun
collection of underwater creatures to use individually or put together in a
scene - great for upcoming summer clothes and linens!
*** *** NEW SALES *** *** Go off sale 12:01 AM Tuesdays
Vintage Locomotives
The Fishin' Hole
Lace Bowl & Doily - The Fishin' Hole NEW SALE
*** Sales ending 12:01 AM 05-30-06 ***
Art Nouveau - Underwater
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