Janome Upgrade 10000

Can anyone tell me for sure if the only difference between the Janome
10000 and 10001 machine is the flash upgrade to the firmware? Can I do
the upgrade myself?
My neighbor is selling a machine, but it's the 10000. How would I get a
hold of the disk for the upgrade, when none of my regional dealers have it?
I have found this page:
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the software download there (with the following comment) a firmware upgrade from 100000 to 10001? Or is it something else?
The download is marked:
"Memory Craft 10000 - Update to Version 2.21
(This option is a supplementary update, designed only for those
users of Version 2.20 that are experiencing ATA PC Card
The software download link is:
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notice that it says it's for the "Memory Craft 10000" in the description of the actual software, but the header above it says "Memory Craft 10001"
(BTW Any recommendations as to the current BEST digitizing software?)
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G'day Anon
When I bought my 10000 it had already been upgraded at the dealers but I seem to remember that this was available only through dealers, although I can't be 100% sure.
Does your neighbour's machine have the Free Arm (C) hoop as an option? because I think this was included in the upgrade.
Why not join the Memory Craft Group and ask there as one of the ladies works for Janome Canada and I'm sure she will know.
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Thanks so much for the link - I've registered at the site, and am enjoying reading the messages! FWIW, I finally just called Janome today. The difference between a 10000 and a 10001 is JUST the software, and is upgrade v. 3 for the 10000 (that officially makes it a 10001). The upgrade is available from Janome, but only to dealers - and they charge what they want for it, so each dealer price is different.
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Karen Pattist
G'day Karen
I thought that upgrade was only via the dealer, but wasn't 100% sure because my machine had already been upgraded when I bought it. Oddly enough, the staff at the dealers told me at that time that Janome would not be releasing another embroidery machine for many, many years....they would continually release updates for the 10000! At the time I was sceptical because I couldn't see a major company such as Janome, missing out on all those $$$'s selling a new, upgraded machine. LOL
I seem to remember someone selling an upgrade CD on ebay.com than again that was some time ago too. There must still be some available somewhere.
Another group that might be worth posting a 'wanted' ad is SewItsForSale.
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luck Bronwyn ;-)
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