Second-hand embroidery machines?

I wonder if anyone can tell me if such a thing as second-hand
embroidery machine's exist. I would really like to give machine
embroidery a try but the new machines are way out of my price bracket.
Besides, I don't know if it's something I would like/be any good at,
so I don't really want to throw a huge amount of money at something
that might end up as a white elephant.
I know the new machines have all kinds of wonderful functions and
things, but I'd just like an old clunky out-dated thing that I could
just have a go with, so if the concept doesn't work for me, I won't
have wasted too much money. Do you know if they exist anywhere in the
UK? I went to three shops in London today, but they all told me they
never saw second-hand embroidery machines. Is it true, or were they
just trying to make me buy new?
I only want to do embroidery on it, I'm blissfully happy with my 20
year old Janome for regular sewing!
Thanks for any help/advice you can offer.
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I can't speak for what is available in the UK but second-hand machines are definitely available in the US. I suspect they are available in the UK too. A Viking dealer tried to talk me into a used 1+ (not the Designer 1, older model) instead of the new Rose that I was eyeing. I think it was because they had several used 1+s and didn't have a Rose in stock. I didn't like the dealer but did like the features she showed me on the 1+ so I got one elsewhere. Although this is an older machine, it has quite a few features that are nice. Many people trade up to have a larger embroidery area. I can content myself with 4x4 for now. That may be the case for the machines you find as well. If you are willing to forego the dealer experience, you may find machines available online in auctions or through ads in newspaper. Keep looking and good luck to you. I'm having a lot of fun with my embroidery machine.
Marilyn in Minnesota
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Marilyn Bunzo
If you would be at all interested in a Singer EU, which is a heck of a good little machine, sign up for because people moving up often list their system for sale. Check the recent archives, I'm sure someone recently listed a machine for sale.
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There are machines that just do embroidery. One of those is the new Janome 300e. They will probably cost around the same as good used machines.
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Look in a magazine called Sewing World. There is usually quite a few for sale when people want to sell there old one when they are upgrading. Hopefully there is one for sale in your area.
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Try looking in a magazine called Sewing World. People sell their old ones when they are upgrading. Maybe there will be someone selling in your area.
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There are TONS of second-hand embroidery machines on eBay for sale. I bought one myself about a year ago and like it very much. Also, there is a site called where you can also find them.
But if you'd like a low-end machine you can find the Brother and Simplicity embroidery-only machines at Wal-Mart (if they are in the UK), and
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Patti Z.
I just bought the janome 300e and am very happy with it.
I also bought the digitizer 10000 software and an very unhappy with the software errors
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You could try Ebay. Are you in North America or the UK? If in North America why not try the Ergo 3 made by Janome under the Kenmore line. Sells for $2,000.00 when not on special.
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I started with a Brother 150 embroidery only machine you can pick these up for £250 or £450 New if you b uy second hand check out they can sell the software with it and card transfer box so you can really get into downloading free designs from all over the world to practise on....I have a Brother 2100 for sale but its sewing and embroidery not really what you want The Janome 300E which is cheaper new is a great machine must have PC for transfering designs also check out
formatting link
they have demo and second hand machines I bought and sold mine there.... Hope this helps a bit Liz
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