Touch Screen Issues on my Sewing / Embroidery Machine

I recently acquired a Singer Quantum XL 1000 sewing / embroidery machine
and it worked beautifully... until the other night. The touch screen is
visible and when using the internal memory it allows me to navigate and
select the stitch or embroidery I wish to use. However, once I insert the
embroidery card, attach and engage the bed, the touch screen no longer
responds to the touch properly. It shows the content of the card on the
screen (so it is engaged) and it registers when the embroidery hoop is not
inserted - but it will not let me navigate through the screens or select
images to embroidery.
Any ides on how to resolve this???? Or where I can go for help?
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No Ideas, but you should go to all of the following - probably in that order: On second thought - one idea is that the machine might have to be powered off before attaching the embroidery machinery.
1) Read the manual (again) 2) Contact your dealer 3) Contact Singer
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