Singer 6268 - Embroidery Unit

embroider without a problem and it will start sewing. The problem is it do esn't move the fabric, like the unit isn't responding. I've had trouble ge tting the unit positioned under the needle, but can finally get it snapped in place and strapped down. Is there a chance the software is corrupted or that the motor in the embroidery unit is out? The machine works great as a sewing machine, but it just doesn't want to move the fabric around in emb roidery mode. Any help would be appreciated
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First off, I don't know anything about the Singer 6268. However, I do have two Singer XL6000 embroidery machines, so perhaps some of my experience will translate to your situation.
On my Singers, the embroidery unit must be slid all the way into position and a lever moved to the right to engage it. Be sure yours unit is fully in position and any locking-switch is engaged.
Each time I turn my machines on (in embroidery mode), there is a "welcome" screen, followed by an "initialization" screen, which requires that I touch "OK" and the embroidery unit moves (presumably to make sure nothing is blocking the area). Does your machine have this requirement, and if so, does the unit move?
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