Babylock Palette 6. card writer usb unit issue

I'm loading my software to a new machine, but I cannot get the card/writer
to be reconized. I tried downloading the software from the BabyLock site.
But I can't get it to recognized the unit. So I can't use my software.
Old machine died. Can someone help me?
By the way my new pc is windows 7 home pro.
Thanks for your help
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No real help here, just some ideas:
Have you contacted Babylock (and maybe Brother, too - Palette is bit-for-bit identical to Brother's PED software, just renamed)?
Have you tried running it in Windows XP (or even Windows 98) compatibility mode? To switch, I think that in Windows 7 you also right-click on the launch icon, select Properties, then Compatibility.
Then back to the obvious questions, like "is it hooked up right"?
What kind of reader writer connection is it? One of the newer USB connections or does it need the older serial port? There have been problems ever since Windows XP with the drivers for the dongles.
- Herb
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