HELP - Missing 7570 Pfaff Embroidery Unit

A few years ago a friend in Germany purchased a Pfaff 7570 sewing
machine for me.
I only started taking classes with this machine last year. I
discovered that I am missing the embroidery unit. When I researched
it, I was told that when this machine first came out, the embroidery
unit did NOT come with the machine - it had to purchased separately.
Now I am having probelms finding an embroidery unit for this machine
without buying the machine too. Can anyone help me?
Where can I buy an embroidery unit for this machine?
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The last unit I was able to get for a customer was shipped from Germany , I am in Canada.. This was over 6 months ago, and I have not been able to find another. I got it though a dealer contact over there. The Unit never came with the machine unless it was a special promotion. If you know your dealer well he may be able to get one for you. Otherwise check the Sewing Rummage ads or E-bay. The do come up occasionally but are rather expensive. It might be better to purchase the machine and unit and then to sell the extra machine. The units are selling from 4-800$ with the complete machines and software around $1500 complete. If you find a Unit you will then need to get cable and software to acess all of the embroidery capabilities without purchasing the very expensive cards. Good Luck.
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Hanna's Mom
We used to sell Pfaff and it was always my understanding that the unit for the 7570 came as an option and not as part of the machine. Some sewers just wanted the machine for all their fancy sewing...
I know they have changed things over the past couple of years but this is news to me. I will most certainly look into it for you.
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On Sun, 28 Sep 2003 23:14:56 -0230, "Admiralla" wrote:
Yes, that is what I said. I am finding that many who purchased the machine only, now want the Emb Unit and they are very hard to come by. The only time the Unit was included was during a special promotion or sale, it was always seperate. The Nancy Zeiman promotion was one, and then the PCD combo was another sale promo. Both of these included the Unit. Also some that purchased both at the same time found they did not use the Unit and sold it seperately. I think the rummageads are the best bet.
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Hanna's Mom

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