threads problems with pfaff!

Hi, i'm a new pfaff 2170 user, and i'm new to craftbanter. nice to meet
you all!
anyways, I'm new in this sewing world and i'm totally fascinated!!!
However, I
have some problems regarding my sewing machine that's kind
of slowly
degenerating my fascination with sewing.
my pfaff doesn't really accept various types of threads. If i use
embroidery thread, it would sew and embroid very finely.
However, if i use less famous and cheaper thread (Robison-Anton), its
would get cut or get loose at an instant i start sewing. Does
anybody know
what'd be the problem? Anybody has comments on what kind
of thread is best for
my sewing machine?
it's a long question. please help me. Thank you!!!
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------------------------------------- I have the same problem with my Pfaff 2170. I bought it a little over a year ago and it has been in shop twice. When you thread your machine I have been told you need to make sure your tension is catching. I should be able to pull your thread easily with presser foot up, but not easily with it down.
I am not sure if that will help you. I would like to keep up with your answers you get, maybe we both can learn something. I used a Bernina which I loved for 25 years and then dealership left town. I wanted to try embroidery so I traded and bought the Pfaff. I wish I would have kept my Mechanical/Computer machine Bernina 1130 as a back up.

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