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Hi!! Been lurking here for quite a while... Great forum!
Can anyone tell me if a Pfaff Tipmatic 1035 extra has a walking foot?
TIA!! Bill Painter ICQ#: 2512172
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Bill P
Sorry Bill it does not. The first dual feed appeared on the 1222 in 1970 and was on most of the mid to high end machines after that.
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Hanna's Mom
If you bought it new and paid less than $1000 CND for it, then no. The lowest model Pfaff that has a walking foot would be a Pfaff Varimatic 6091 (or such model because they've changed the model #'s lately) that would run in the $1100+ CND range.
I do know for a fact that the Pfaff Hobby 1020, 1030 & 1040 do NOT have the dual feed. Assuming that the 1035 is in between those, then I guess your answer would be no....
Hope this helps....
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Are we talking a Vintage Pfaff or a new one. If it is the new ones then they 1020-40 or what ever numbers they are using now,are the Janome machine badged for Pfaff. They do not have dual feed. The 1035 was made from 1983 till 1987 was a freearm with built-in automatic stitches and a rotary hook but no dual feed. Nice machine though and any short shank walking foot should fit.
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Hanna's Mom

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