Apologies if this has been discussed before - I'm new to the group - but can
anyone tell me how to remove excess or loose embossing powder before I
emboss a card?
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Turn the card upside down and tap it lightly with your finger over a piece of paper. If there's still a few pieces of powder left you can use a small paint brush to carefully wipe them off the card (don't touch the image). Heat the embossed card image with a heat gun to melt the powder. Pour the excess embossing powder back in the jar for later use. Have fun. SAD
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Wave Jumper
Plus, before I stamp, I always pounce my cardstock with ...what IS that thing called? ... it's a little pillow of powder, I've heard the contents are actually diatomaceous earth (hi, Pat!!). Anyway, use that first, and lots less of the e.p. will still be stuck where you didn't want it after you give it that tap that wave jumper recommended.
HTH, Alison
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before I
Hi Jen,
All of the tips so far have been good. If you use the dryer sheet method (I do), be sure to use a *used* sheet, as the ones right out of the box may leave an icky residue on your paper.
Sincerely, Risible
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Hi. (-:
Look, an actual question about stamping!
I was beginning to think everyone had given it up and gone on to other things ...
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Pat Kight
Yup. I've just about given it up, and haven't found anything to go on to. I have 6 images that I stamped and painted about 5 weeks ago, still sitting on my worktable waiting for me to come and turn them into something. Poor little lonely images :-(
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