Conversion chart for old (pre-1982) to new (post 1982) Paternayan color numbers

In 1982 Paternayan changed their Persian yarn color numbering system. In 2006
on this site there was a discussion thread about the availability of a
conversion chart of the old to new color numbers. Elderberry22 kindly started
making a list of the old to new numbers, but the posting stopped suddenly at old
number 430, and the old list went up much higher than 430. I was wondering if
any one can tell me if this list was ever continued and completed, perhaps in
another thread or something, and if so how I might find it.
Or, if anyone out there has a conversion chart and can share it somehow, or tell
me how to get it, I'd be very grateful. I have a number of pre-1982 needlepoint
books that specify the old color numbers and I'm at a loss to find the new color
numbers for the old that were higher than 430.
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