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Re: Freebies (kinda long)
Hi I am very interested in #9054 - Freshwater Pearls if the pattern is still available. I live in Florida. :)
1 day ago 1
Pantone to DMV
I am looking to convert Pantone 282 to DMC. It is “Oxford Blue” Thanks
1 month ago 1
looking for fabric
Hello. I bought Zweigart #2144 Schonfels 11 count cotton/rayon fabric about 20 years ago. I would like to buy more of it. Does anyone know where I can buy it? I would like several yards of it.
2 months ago
Re: Jean McIntosh Ltd. needlework patterns
I am chasing Jean McIntosh's red boy cross stitch pattern and not able to find it anywhere. Can anyone help me find it please
4 months ago 3
Website (finally) Live!
After all sorts of unavoidable delays and gnashing of teeth, my Web Partner, Laura, and I are proud to announce that our website is FINALLY live and ready for visitors. ...
4 months ago
bagpipes, or piper
Hi Bron, I?m desperately after the Drum Major Kit 44 pattern. Can you please contact me at thanks Caz
4 months ago
Jane Rainbow crewel work
Please can anyone help me? I have a Jane Rainbow "Allium" kit which my mother started many years ago. Sadly when her house was cleared after she died, the paternayan threads appear to have be lost. Th...
7 months ago 2
Re: needlepoint church kneelers...
Can you give me names of people that will professionally finish a needle point work to make a kneeler for the altar?
8 months ago 1
DMC Designer Program
After 9 years in the DMC Designer Program, I am suddenly told I am not in their system when I recently requested floss for some upcoming designs. The contact emails I've used in the past are either b...
11 months ago 1
Re: SELL YOUR CRAFTS ONLINE! Get your online craft shop... Indonesia food, Handycraft and souvenir
11 months ago
Re: Insulted
how did i get here and in ii ni infgadjgngvfndgjsnbjhbhjiujhgvc njhgvbnjhygfcvbnmkjuyhtgfcvbnjmkuyhgfdcvbnm,kjhgfdxsdfghjklkjhgfdfghjk,.kjhgfdsdcfvgbhjkjhgfdsdfghjkjhgfdfghjmkjhytfrderfghjkjuhytfrde...
1 year ago
Re: Bucilla - Threads in their kits
1 year ago 15
A Finish
I'm back! Finally took the time to email my news server and get posting turned on for my account. I finished "Bluebird Garden" by Artful Offerings. The picture of the model did not match the graph...
1 year ago
Indigo Rose and Catherine Strickler
Does anyone know if Catherine Strickler of Indigo Rose is still designing or in business? I've tried to contact her through an old e-mail address and phone number but the e-mail came back 'undelivera...
1 year ago 4
TW Wedding Sampler and Christmas Ornaments free to a good home
I was cleaning out some bins and came across these two - and I know I will never stitch them. If you might, send me a message and I'll send them to you. Wendy (who hasn't posted since about 2001) ...
1 year ago 5