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Re: Bucilla - Threads in their kits
You can find conversion charts on the web. Bucilla kits use Bucilla thread numbers which can be converted using the charts. Best Wishes Sandy > Arrgh. what happen to this group? On Fri, 8 Jan 2021...
2 months ago 2
Re: A substitute for DMC 3841??
For anyone who might run into this thread looking for substitution for DMC 3841 or any other DMC substitution: Try: the substitute parameter at end of link. It'll show you the Chosen color and other...
3 months ago
Welcome Back Joan
I am afraid the group is almost dead... I come by to read posts every Sunday and there hasn't been very much to read. Rich They all went to Fools Book :( Such a shame. Not me! I still check to see if...
4 months ago 6
RCTN Get-togethers?
I live in tucson I live on ajo way matter of fact my name is jaxxon
5 months ago
Shoulder pain while stitching
I'm having this problem with my left arm the top muscle from my shoulder is swelling up and ive had a sore shoulder to
6 months ago
Lost directions to Bucilla Heirloom Bear needlepoint
Hi! I lost the directions to Bucilla Heirloom Bear needlepoint kit. If someone can help it would be appreciated!
6 months ago
Re: what is model stitcher
Hi Belinda
6 months ago
Washing instructions for cross stitched towels?
Hi! I was wondering how people care for cross stitched towels (or bibs, pillowcases, etc.). Can I machine wash, or should I hand wash? Is machine drying okay, or hang dry only? Thanks for your help!...
7 months ago 1
Teresa Wentzler's Peacock Tapestry
I need new instructions for mind. My paper where it was folded is frail and I can not read it. Plus I can not find peacock thread any where. You can purchase the chart at It will probably cost $7-8;...
9 months ago 3
Re: Freebies (kinda long)
Hi I am very interested in #9054 - Freshwater Pearls if the pattern is still available. I live in Florida. :) Errrrrr, did you notice that you're replying to a post from *last century*? I highly doubt...
9 months ago 1
Pantone to DMV
I am looking to convert Pantone 282 to DMC. It is “Oxford Blue” Thanks Hi Minnesotamom! Where in MN are you? I'm in Grand Forks, ND. As to your question, I've never heard of Pantone thread, but I...
11 months ago 1
looking for fabric
Hello. I bought Zweigart #2144 Schonfels 11 count cotton/rayon fabric about 20 years ago. I would like to buy more of it. Does anyone know where I can buy it? I would like several yards of it.
1 year ago
Re: Jean McIntosh Ltd. needlework patterns
I am chasing Jean McIntosh's red boy cross stitch pattern and not able to find it anywhere. Can anyone help me find it please Hi. Too many years too late but I lived in Winnipeg many years ago and...
1 year ago 3
Website (finally) Live!
After all sorts of unavoidable delays and gnashing of teeth, my Web Partner, Laura, and I are proud to announce that our website is FINALLY live and ready for visitors. Our website has NO ads, NO...
1 year ago
bagpipes, or piper
Hi Bron, I?m desperately after the Drum Major Kit 44 pattern. Can you please contact me at thanks Caz
1 year ago