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Heirloom Christmas Stockings book...
not sure if this will help
4 years ago 1
Bucilla "Celestial"pillowcase kit, lost instructions
i have finished half of the pillowcase and I lost the instructions. Does anyone have them.
4 years ago
Machine Embroidery
Hi. It's been several years since I posted here, and almost as many for my mother, Joyce in Africa, whom some of you might remember. I have tried setting up her computer to get newsgroups, but haven't...
4 years ago 1
Twisted thread
Hi. I'm a newbie. When I make a stitch it looks good as its being pulled down thru the hole; then,just at the very last second, it twists back on itself. I've tried everything suggested to make this...
4 years ago 2
Looking for tips, tricks, and warnings on beads
I've been working on TW's Celestial Dragon, and I'm not too far from the beading stage. I've never worked with beads, so I'm looking for input. 1. I assume it's best to do these last. Correct? 2....
4 years ago 3
Re: Filet Cross stitch
I have made 3 of these. One for each of my two sons and one for my grandson. The 'filet stitch' according to the publisher, is a cross stitch made with a single strand of floss. I did my three that...
4 years ago
Guildford Cathedral Kneelers
I was wondering if anyone could help me. I am currently running a project at Guildford Cathedral collecting memories (both oral and written) of the early days. I am particularly interested in...
4 years ago
Way OT: Fitbits, etc.
For those of you interested in privacy issues ? Some of the top-selling brands of fitness trackers that monitor heart rates, sleeping patterns and movement are putting user data and privacy at risk,...
4 years ago
OT old messages
We seem to be getting a lot of old messages just lately. However here is one from an old lady. I woke this morning to find myself an Octogenarian. It is my 80th birthday. Hugs to all Happy, Happy...
5 years ago 7
Happy New Year
May Your needles stay shinny and your stitches be tight whether you start from the left or the right. May your thread never tangle, in the front or the rear, And may the frog stay away for the...
5 years ago 3
Holiday Greetings
Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating today and Happy Thursday to those who aren't. And, Happy Stitching to all of us! :-) Liz from Humbug It was a good day. Lots of good food and good...
5 years ago 2
Heartstings Kringle Kalendar
I am looking for the discontinued patterns of Heartstrings Kringle Kalendar . There is a different Santa for each month of the year. I would like to find the patterns for Jan., Dec., April & June. If...
5 years ago 1
salvaging some crewel - need an idea, plz
the crewelwork is fine, but the backing of the pillow has simply worn away* - large holes in fact. I figure I can cut around the design, but then what? Applique it onto a new pillow? some of the...
5 years ago 4
TW Celestial Dragon Errata?
Hi all, I caught wind somewhere on the internet that the Celestial Dragon chart had some errata. I did some further browsing, and I found this The chart I have is by Leisure Arts, but I don't remember...
5 years ago
ISO Christmas Joy by Elizabeth's Needlework Designs
Does anyone have this chart and not want it anymore? I've admired it on my LNS wall for a year or so but didn't buy it right away and, naturally, it's been discontinued now that I've found out the...
5 years ago 3