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Re: SELL YOUR CRAFTS ONLINE! Get your online craft shop...
Indonesia food, Handycraft and souvenir
1 year ago
Re: Insulted
how did i get here and in ii ni infgadjgngvfndgjsnbjhbhjiujhgvc...
1 year ago
Re: Bucilla - Threads in their kits
I would never buy a Bucilla product again. The thread came all bunched together with the indication which thread was which and many close in color had similar thread counts. I called the company and...
1 year ago 15
A Finish
I'm back! Finally took the time to email my news server and get posting turned on for my account. I finished "Bluebird Garden" by Artful Offerings. The picture of the model did not match the graph....
2 years ago
Indigo Rose and Catherine Strickler
Does anyone know if Catherine Strickler of Indigo Rose is still designing or in business? I've tried to contact her through an old e-mail address and phone number but the e-mail came back...
2 years ago 4
TW Wedding Sampler and Christmas Ornaments free to a good home
I was cleaning out some bins and came across these two - and I know I will never stitch them. If you might, send me a message and I'll send them to you. Wendy (who hasn't posted since about 2001)...
2 years ago 5
Conversion chart for old (pre-1982) to new (post 1982) Paternayan color numbers
In 1982 Paternayan changed their Persian yarn color numbering system. In 2006 on this site there was a discussion thread about the availability of a conversion chart of the old to new color numbers....
2 years ago 1
Finished finishes!
I have gotten not 1, not 2, but *5* pieces of finished needlework framed! (Okay, 3 of them are in one frame but....) Thank you Michael's for having your 80% off sale! I hope to get pics taken of them...
2 years ago 3
I finally figured out what I was doing wrong with the settings for the ng! Aaaahhhhh, I'm *home* again! :)
2 years ago
Thot I'd drop in and say 'h'!
I've been out of the needlework teaching and writing loop for a couple of y ears and out of the RCTN loop for several more than that. This does not me an I haven't been stitching, generating more...
2 years ago 7
A finish!!!
Last night I completed Teresa Wentzler's Mini Spring sampler. I will get pics up after I wash & iron it. Next up: Hollyhocks bellpull I'm also making good progress on my Laura Perin's Independence...
2 years ago
Re: Happy Birthday to -
What a lovely surprise. Yes I am 82 today and I look at RCTN everyday. Not got much time for crafts as I am full timer carer for my DH who has Vascular Parkinson,s and Dementia. Most days he does not...
2 years ago 1
I've uploaded to rctnp a few pics of my Victorian house, now finished & framed and progress pics of a couple other things I'm currently working on for your viewing pleasure. Amazing what I can get...
2 years ago 1
A finish!
Yaaay! I finished my Victorian House, washed & ironed it and dropped it off at Michael's, where the frame has been waiting for about 2 weeks. I should get it back in a day or 2. Will post pics of it...
2 years ago 2
New Fabric
Wouldn't this fabric be *great* for a winter design??? Two words of caution though: because this fabric is painted and not dyed, y ou can get spots of missing paint where there are linen slubs, or if...
2 years ago 2