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I am chasing Jean McIntosh's red boy cross stitch pattern and not able to find it anywhere. Can anyone help me find it please
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Hi. Too many years too late but I lived in Winnipeg many years ago and actually got started doing needle and petit point through the Jean Mcintosh kits. I liked them because they came with blank 'canvas' and the printed sheets which were accompanied by the correct threads colors and amounts. They would also help you to replace correct threads to complete your patterns should you happen to have a chart without threads as a gift or like me with my cat, simply 'loser's a particular colour of thread. I loved those kits. Jean McIntosh went out of business many many years ago. I am uncertain why. Perhaps people found they preferred the preprinted canvasses, perhaps that needlework went out of fashion Perhaps the person designing simply closed it down, I also think that the counted cross stitch kits were becoming those favoured around that time. All I know is that I really miss that company. The only kits I see by them are those I have found in thrift stores on on line second hand. If lucky you have been fortunate but most have been open or 'attempted' and are missing thread colours. Difficult to get the correct colours needed. The kits also tend to sell as 'antique' now. Talk about prices skyrocketing. I keep looking for a company of the same type so far to no avail. You find one let me know. I'd love to find someone making kits like these again.e
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Hi A lady i knew did some petit point on the blue boy and pinky and when she was done they were so large and tall. They were taller then me as i stand 4 foot,i wish i could of gotten pictures of them back then but i was just a kid then..i did some needle point on the same ones but they were 5x7 and the back ground had color where you take the color wool and fill it in..i started it in 1977 and i didn't finish it until 2000. I didn't feel like doing it cause i was doing it when my grandfather was still alive as he pass that year..but now there done and i should hang them up
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