Translate Dutch knitting pattern to English

Does anyone on here speak/read Dutch?
I have a cute bunny sweater pattern I want to make, but it's written in Dut
ch. I have tried to google translate, but it comes out jumbled. There are k
nitting short form abbreviation that I can not for the life of me figure ou
t. I have googled them with no luck.
Is there anyone that could help me translate the pattern or maybe just help
me with the abbreviated?
Thanks for your help
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I've been translating German lace knitting patterns into English. Perhaps Dutch and German would be close enough to figure out?
links = perl and rechts = knit in German. Is there anything that looks near to that in your pattern? If so, we can try from there.
Nyssa, who really needs to get back to those lace knitting patterns
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Thanks for the reply.
I've been able to get a lot of the words. The main problem is the short form abbreviation. Like IED. When I google that in Dutch is has to do with bombs lol. I've tried looking for short form abbreviations online, but I only get the long form.
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Perhaps someone over on could help?
Another possibility would be to look for a how-to-knit website in Dutch with diagrams of each instruction, then work backwards from that to figure out the abbreviations.
Time for some detective work!
Nyssa, who used several sources to figure out the German terms
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