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Tarra Spinning wheels - any info?
Yes Tarra wheels are great. Also Sheridan was a great wheel. These makers have finished production but I believe places like Wonderflex in Malvern (Melbourne) have bobbins to fit. Everyone learned on...
8 months ago
Re: Patons Capstan Wool
I HAVE ball of Patons Capstan yarn in my hand. Made in England Pure wool. 19 st on US 7 or metric 4.5mm Makes it a #4 or Aran
9 months ago
Aspen Yarn crisis
Anyone have Yarns Brunswick Windrush 3.5 oz. Very pale mint green? Need about 4 skiens. Judy Estep
1 year ago
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1 year ago
What is the equivalent to lysbet yarn
Hi, can anyone tell me what the equivalent weight yarn would be to twilleys lysbet please. I have found lyscordet which is equivalent to No 5 crochet cotton, but no results for lysbet. Please help....
1 year ago
Latch hook rug canvases printed for sale.
Hi there, I have a large amount of these available for sale. In different sizes. Prices range from eu35 to eu65 for the very large ones. I do have some wool for this item not a lot but can put you in...
1 year ago
Chunky Chenille Yarn New for DK wool.
Hi all, I have some chunky chenille soft wool not a big amount of it, but would exchange it for DK wool. The chenille is ideal for Children's blankets, or scarves. I need the DK for the Pom Pom...
1 year ago
Anyone knitting on a knittng machine?
Hi all, Is there anyone out there knitting on a machine. Do you knit for folks and could you knit some items for me. I want the 70s tank tops possibly fairisle with square neck. Also some kids jumpers...
1 year ago
Looking for Soft Creations yarn by TMA or info about co.
I just recently bought a storage unit full of nothing but all kind of Yarns and I have a couple of bags of this yarn you're asking about self creations the lady who owned the storage unit must have...
1 year ago
Hi I recently bought a book of lyscordet/silky pattern book and have found the chatter very useful, having already made garment from book in a double cotton just working to the sizing I wanted I...
3 years ago
Unger Fluffy Yarn
I am looking for Unger Fluffy yarn color 419. I started a project only to run out of yarn. I'm not terribly worried about dye lot if i can match the color. I found one in my stash - color #419 (Light...
4 years ago 4
Translate Dutch knitting pattern to English
Hi, Does anyone on here speak/read Dutch? I have a cute bunny sweater pattern I want to make, but it's written in Dut ch. I have tried to google translate, but it comes out jumbled. There are k...
5 years ago 4
Substitution for Mini Mochi yarn. Self-striping, long repeat, same weight.
Looking for yarn to make entrelac socks. Is there a substitute for Mini Mochi yarn-- self-striping, long repeat, fingering weight. Thanks. In article , How about Plymouth Yarn Boku: or Schoppel-Wolle...
5 years ago 2
what is the equivalent of Twilleys featherlight yarn
I have an old but lovely crochet pattern that uses Twilleys featherlight yarn - what can I use instead?
6 years ago
Does anyone have Lang Jawoll cotton sock yarn?
SOCK YARN NEEDED! Looking for Lang Yarns Jawoll Cotton Color superwash yarn. 49% wool, 35% cotton, 16% nylon. 50 gram skein. Do not have color name but is a variegated grey and white, dark or steel...
6 years ago