Help with old english knitting directions

Hey all, me again!
I am posting on behalf of a friend who has been asked to knit some socks
from an old english pattern, circ. 1940'ish.
this is this part that she is having problems with, can any of you
knitted brained wonders help please???
There are no gaps, what you are seeing above is exactly how it is
written. I can't figure it out, and neither can she which is saying
something as she is a very experienced knitter but these have her
stumped!! they are not following on from each other, but they are the
only instructions that just don't make sense to her...
Any and all advice is, as always, appreciated!!
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Rach *in NZ*
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In article ,
I think it would help if we had some idea of where in the pattern those abbreviations occur.
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Richard Eney
we need more of this pattern to know what they are on about, D must mean something as do I and B although if it is a lot of colours listed as ABCDEFGHI then of course that would account for it, or a part of the pattern that is listed as these Abbrevs. instead of repeat from * - ** it may mean Knit in colour D for 1/2 -5 meaning five rows...could be anything til we get to see the pattern as a whole.
hugz cher
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Hi Rach,
I have to agree with Cher. I just got out my old book with an Argyle sock patterns and there are three or more colors and it says something like this Knit 2G-13 N-1 M-1 G-13 and like that. Hope this helps.
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Almost ready, Rach. I am heading to the UK, France, and Germany with a group of students, so I am frantically cleaning my house, and packing. Not forgetting my knitting!
Higs, Katherine
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Thanks, Judy. I have my clothes ready to put into the suitcase, and most of the cleaning done. SO I am almost ready to go.
Higs, Katherine
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I did a search on the numbers you gave us and had no success. We need more pattern to help.
Hugs & God bless, Dennis & Gail
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Spike Driver

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