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In the process of packing for upcoming move, I've run across several
> extra copies of DMC free charts. I would like to share these with
> non-USA stitchers first, on a first-come-fist-serve basis; then USA
> stitchers if any remain.
> Send me an e-mail with your request, including your mailing address, by
> 5:00 PM USA Eastern Time, Wednesday, April 8, 1998. That night I'll
> sort them by location and time of arrival, and post them 4/9 or 4/10
> (depends on how the packing is going).
> I've checked the postage requirements, and know that each chart will run
> me a bit in postage --- but all I'd like in return is a picture postcard
> of a local site or scene after you receive the chart(s). I'll send my
> address when I confirm you will be receiving your requested chart(s). >
> This is meant as a "good" diversion for me from the drudgery and anxiety
> of packing, showing house, etc., etc. If I go crazy in the meantime,
> I'll try to let you know.:-)
> Jocelyn Kerr
> Here's the list:
> #9055 - Moonlight & Roses - Vase of roses in front of open window with
> curtain blowing; ribbons and locket in foreground -
> stitched on 14-ct navy blue Aida using rayon floss, flower
> thread, & embroidery floss (conversion info provided to
> substitute emb. floss for flower thread (have 5)
> #9048 - Bluebird Peaches - Peach crate label interpreted by Alice Okon > -
> design with peaches, blossoms, and "bluebirds"
> (look more like swallows to me, but...) with landscape in
> background - stitched on 28-ct light linen fabric
> with emb. floss (have 2)
> #9049 - Napa Valley - 32 cent stamp interpreted by Alice Okon - > Hummingbird
> and cluster of purple grapes in foreground, valley
> landscape in background - stitched on 28-ct light linen
> using emb. floss (have 5)
> #9054 - Freshwater Pearls View of beach from above - crab, starfish, > sand dollar,
> shells, water - designed by Sandra Gilmore for pearl cotton
> on 18-mesh mono canvas, but may be created in CCS using
> evenweave and embroidery floss (have 7)
> #9056 - Cultured Pearls Teacup, Rose Bowl, Violin & Bow on lacy > background
> designed by Sandra Gilmore as needlepoint using pearl
> cotton on 14-mesh mono canvas, but may be created
> in CCS on evenweave with emb. floss (have 3)
> #9046 - DMC Sampler 250th Anniversary Sampler designed by Cross 'N > Patch
> Needlework Designs, Emie Bishop, stitched on light linen
> with emb. floss (have 2)
> #9045 - Spring Flowers Bouquet of flowers in blue vase - tulips, > daffodils, etc.
> stitched on 18-ct white Aida with embroider floss (have 1)
> #9051 - Victorian Christmas Victorian Man & Woman strolling past row
> houses decorated
> for Christmas on snow-covered ground - stitched on 18-ct
> white Aida with emb. floss and metallics (have 1)
> #9047 - Pearls of Wisdom Sampler with alphabet, house, trees, border > - designed
> by Cross 'N Patch Needlwork Designs, Emie Bishop, for
> pearl cotton (sizes 8 & 12) on 28-ct light linen. Design
> includes other than CCS - satin, Algerian eye, rice, long
> arm cross, & lazy daisy stitches, plus Hardanger klosters > (have 6)
> P.S. I hope posting this here instead of RCTM is OK since these aren't > "for sale"
Hi I am very interested in #9054 - Freshwater Pearls if the pattern is still available. I live in Florida. :)
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Errrrrr, did you notice that you're replying to a post from *last century*?
I highly doubt that the OP will ever see your reply much less still have the charts and be willing to mail them considering the current crisis.
If you're looking for freebies, I've got one already up on my website (a sampler, Heart's Desire) plus another one should be going live either tonight or tomorrow (a bookmark, Find the Key to the Mystery).
Look for them at
formatting link
and click on the Around the House topic to see a list of patterns and other articles on the right side of your browser.
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