Christmas stocking suggestions

Anyone have a concrete suggestion for Christmas stocking patterns? I want to stitch one for my wife, but I'm not having any luck finding a pattern I like.
--Danny in Kansas
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Danny Breidenbach
to stitch one for my wife, but I'm not having any luck finding a pattern I like.
I've been gone from this group for a long time - before it became a Google digest-only group. One regular here knows I've been lurking, so I am now o uting myself. (Hi, Joan!)
Danny, do you have a specific theme you'd like to use? There are a number of sites at which you can download patterns (for a fee, of course). Patter ns Online, Herrschners, Kooler Designs. Not downloadable, but probably ava ilable at an LNS - Just Nan (for some rather elegant stockings).
Many of the hardcover books from Better Homes and Gardens/Meredith Corporat ion/Cross Stitch and Country Crafts (now Cross Stitch and Needlework) have patterns. Stoney Creek has a new stocking every year. Somewhere, packed a way - from a move two years ago - I do have some old patterns from Cathy Li vingston, who had a lot of designs in the old Just Cross Stitch magazines. And, of course, the old Cross Stitch and Country Crafts had at least one s tocking every year in the July issue; however, those patterns are very diff icult to come by. In fact, some of those charts were republished in the Hei rloom Christmas Stockings book, and that book has become difficult to find, so very expensive (I just sold mine recently).
If you have an idea of what you'd like, I can check my stash. You can let me know privately or here in RCTN, although I'm not absolutely certain I'm getting all the digests.
Arliss arlissdotlinkatgmaildotcom
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Arliss Link
Also check out Rosewood Manor they have lovely stockings. I would be willing to part with my Better Homes and Gardens/Just Cross Stitch Heirloom Stockings Book if that what you would like.
Bobbie V.
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here is a few free sewing patterns as i hope this will help you
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Barb L

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