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I'm looking for a pattern for a babydoll nightie for my wife. I can visualize what I'm looking for..the hard part is describing it here. I've looked at Kwiksew, Simplicity, McCalls...and I'm getting cross-eyed looking at the patterns. What I'm looking for is something with a halter top, with very simple bust, with like cups that are gathered at the bottom, but with no serious support (its sleepwear afterall), and what I think it called a empire wasit? Where its elastic right under the bust. Then a very simple skirt part from there down, obviously very short since its a babydoll...I think its called an A line? (Please forgive me for the poor description...I'm a guy after all...I know what I like my wife to wear but have never thought or learned the proper names for a lot of this stuff). I'd like to do this in a white nylon tricot or silk or something like that...with maybe a ribbon along the inner edge of the neckline. Can anyone make any suggestions?
Mike (FtForger), blacksmith and sewing newbie
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I had a swimsuit pattern that exactly matches that description. Unfortunately I don't have it any more, and it probably wouldn't have fit your wife because I'm definitely a plus size, but do check the swimwear sections of the pattern books and see if you can find something.
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Mike, take a look at KwikSew #2822, 2767, 2645
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I have no experience with KwikSew, so can't offer an advice or recommendation as to fit, etc. HTH,
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You might like to look at some of the Kwiksew books... esp. the lingerie and the active wear books. They give you basic patterns, and permission to take the training wheels off and design your own from the basics.
Or if you're not too distractable, get some cheap fabric and develop your own pattern by draping.
Halter tops... hm... how about Kwiksew 3063; amputate the pattern just below the bust and add a skirt. Or Stretch and Sew 1534.
Personally, I vote for silk. Silk charmeuse washes nicely and goes from shiny to a nice pearly luster, and feels better than nylon tricot ever will, imho. Cut it on paper for accuracy. Reasonably priced white silks, including some stretch silks:
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Kay Lancaster
If all else fails.. you could possibly search used clothing stores for a nightie similar to the one you want to make... take it apart.. and make your own pattern. Good luck *smile*... Rose
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