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Hi. I'm a newbie. When I make a stitch it looks good as its being pulled down thru the hole; then,just at the very last second, it twists back on itself. I've tried everything suggested to make this stop. Anyone know what in the world I'm doing? Thanks.
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What have you tried? Usually it means you're unconciously putting a little extra twist in the thread as you're stitching. Two ways to avoid it... drop the needle and let your thread untwist and then make the next stitch, or get in the habit of rolling your needle about 1/4 turn to the untwist direction as you take each stitch. Which direction you need to roll the needle depends on if you're right or left handed, and if your thread is S or Z twist. Threads meant for machine sewing are Z twist; many hand embroidery threads are S twist.
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Kay Lancaster
Hi Jessie, and welcome to RCTN!!!! We can certainly use new members! Tell us a little more about yourself.
Do you separate your strands of floss before putting them in the needle? If you don't, that might help. There's also something called "railroading" you could try, too. If you haven't done that, let me know and I'll guide you through that process.
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