Converting Paternayan old colors old to new colors

I've attached to this message a txt file containing the color
conversions from the old Paternayan colors to the new ones. Now that the
new colors are being produced again by Saco Dyehouse and Waverly also
has equivalents to the colors, it seemed like a good time to include
this conversion chart from the old to the new Paternayan colors.
Fortunately I had a copy of this information, which I had gleaned from
the web and had converted into an Excel workbook. Since the table in
chart form with grid lines was too large to be uploaded as a Word doc or
a PDF file, I've saved the file as a txt file.
This file is very useful if you are using charts from the 1970's. For
example, Maggie Lane "Chinese Rugs Designed for Needlepoint". This book
contains a multitude of rug designs with motifs that can be altered and
recombined. Although it was published in the 1970's the designs are
timeless and fresh and, as she suggests, can be updated with different
colors. Maggie Lane includes detailed instructions on altering her
designs and for making new ones as well as blocking and finishing
needlepoint rugs. Her books are a constant delight to me and make me
return to them often.
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