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> Help, We have inherited a Pfaff 1475 and someone enterred a > bloody CODE number in it! How do we reset this darned code > number, get rid of it etc. etc. HAAALP! > > Electronics Instructor, Terrible Mechanic, Worse Plumber! > ********************************************************* > e-mail to: > ********************************************************* > Optimum Camel Companies, Ltd. > Howard & Kelly Lute > 402 Marina Blvd. > Suisun City, CA 94585 > Tele:707-428-4787 > ********************************************************* > Our Family Web Site: >
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*********************************************************> Lute's Radio Romp Web Page:>
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*********************************************************> e-mail to: > *********************************************************Hi Howard and Kelly,I like you have inherited a PFAFF 1475 CD and have no idea what the 3 letter code is. I realize you posted your message quite a while ago. Did you ever find a solution to the code. Both the suggestions from the reply to your post did not work for me and I have tried every possible code I thought my sister would have entered into her machine. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help. If you receive this please email me your response to Thanks for your help. Regards, Tina
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Seriously old thread!
Did you try the method suggested in a post a few (years) prior to yours?
" 3/26/99
The manual has instructions on pages 34 -36 on how to add, remove, and change the safety code. Hold the "mem- (b/l)" while turning on the power switch. This will erase all memory, including the M- and P- memories, but you won't have the code to deal with, either. Debbie B."
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